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27x21cm (11x8.50in)
Collection: Henry Foner

People's Songs, Songs of Labor and the American People, First Anniversary Issue (Feb.-March, 1947).  Cover shows the legendary labor hero and song writer, Joe Hill, and the issue contains a biographical note by Waldemar Hille and the words and music of one of Hill's classics, The Preacher and the Slave.  Also included is the labor classic, Which Side Are You On, written during the 1931 miners' strike in Harlem County Kentucky by Florence Reece;  Freiheit (Freedom), the song of the German anti-fascists in the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War, and Liberal Commentator, a humorous song by Pins and Needles composer, Harold Rome, in which he satirizes the lack of job security for a radio commentator with a liberal, pro-labor viewpoint.



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