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Item no. 28484
New York
Collection: Private

Marcantonio Campaign- "Lucky Corner"

In 1949, when Vito Marcantonio, one of Fasanella heroes, ran for New York City Mayor, Fasanella ran on the same American Party ticket for the New York City council. In this 1972 painting, Fasanella relives that 1940 campaign as he shows Marcantonio making his Election Night speech at his "lucky corner"- Lexington Avenue and East 116th street. The vignette of the speaker's platform ad the large attentive throng of supporters capture the intensity of the campaign's climax. "I wanted to show that the city goes on anyway, " Fasanella recalled, making the city itself the subject of the painting.

Painting by Ralph Fasanella from the collection of R. Marc Fasanella.

See the Ralph Fasanella exhibit for more information.

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