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May 1913
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'Let Death Call on the Parasite Class for its Cannon Food' by unknown artist, Industrial Worker, May 8, 1913.

According to IWW literature, if militarism derived from capitalism's never-ending quest for greater profits, then the worker had no place fighting in national wars that only serve to fatten the pockets of avaricious industrialists and further enslave the working class. Although cartoons like this one strongly advised workers to let the capitalists fight their own wars, the IWW never officially opposed conscription nor did they stage demonstrations of civil disobedience (as they had in the name of free speech). Instead, the organization maintained that the only way to conquer militarism was through anti-capitalism and the continuation of their efforts to organize workers and bring about industrial democracy. According to the IWW, if workers united on the economic field, no state could have the capacity to wage war against their wishes.

See this political cartoon about war and capitalism. And "The Soup Song" in the Labor Sings! Exhibit that highlights the struggles of the average worker, including fighting in wars that others profited from.  

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