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October 1910
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'Is It About To Strike?' by unknown artist, Industrial Worker, October 1, 1910.

After achieving victory in Spokane, the IWW moved on to Fresno where organizer Frank Little had been arrested for attempting to organize the agricultural workers of the San Joaquin Valley through street meetings. In Fresno, Wobblies not only courted violent beatings from the police but from vigilante mobs as well. After being evicted from its hall by the landlord, the Fresno IWW (Local 66) set up a makeshift headquarters in a tent on a vacant lot. Encouraged by the editors of establishment newspapers and with the less than tacit approval of the local police, a large vigilante mob attacked IWW soapboxers on December 9th, 1910 and then descended on the camp and burnt down their headquarters.

See this image in the Solidarity Forever: A Look at Wobbly Culture exhibit.

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