Painting / mural

Item no. 28490
New York
Collection: Private

"Iceman Crucified #4"

In this final portrait of the artist's father, the iceman dominates the picture. He looms large over the street scene like a heroic monument, majestic and serene, surrounded by symbols of his life. On the cross at the upper right is a cup of espresso and a cigarette, representing a brief respite from work. Immediately to the right is an alarm clock, set at 6:50, just prior to the hour when an iceman had to be on his route. The central message of the painting is in the plaque at the top of the cross, where he has replaces the traditional "INRI" with "Lest We Forget." The new refrigerator at the lower left is a vivid reminder of the disappearance of the icebox, and with it, of a way of life, as well as a symbol of the artist's father's departure.

Painting by Ralph Fasanella from the collection of R. Marc Fasanella.

See the Ralph Fasanella exhibit for more information.

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