Painting / mural

Item no. 28499
New York
Collection: Private

"Sandlot Game #2"

This is a recollection of the early 1930s, when the Fasanella family lived in the East Bronx. The neighborhood was more spacious than the streets of lower Manhattan, and the boys quickly converted vacant lots into baseball fields. The painting invites the viewer's eye to wander casually, as if one were a passerby happening upon the game, rather than drawing it to a central focal point. There is no concentration of action or single dramatic moment, although the pitcher leans forward, gazing intently at the catcher. Two players chat at second base, a group of boys shoot craps in the outfield, and a lone figure watched the whole scene from his perch on the branch of a tree in the outfield at the left.

Painting by Ralph Fasanella from the collection of Andrea R. Depolo.

See the Ralph Fasanella exhibit for more information.

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