Item no. 28053
New York
Occupation: Entertainment and sports
Collection: Private

This atttractive songbook was published in 1942 by Bob Miller, Inc. a New York City folk and country music publisher. Visually, it sets the urban coed Almanac Singers in the country, playing traditional instruments and harmonizing. Woody Guthrie is in the center, next to him is Agnes 'Sis' Cunningham playing accordion,  and to his left is Bess Lomax on mandolin.

This image accompanies the audio recording of "Which Side Are You On?" one of twenty songs you can listen to in the exhibit Labor Sings! Songs from the 1930s and 1940s, featuring highlights from the extraordinary compact disc collection by Ron Cohen and Dave Samualson, Songs for Political Action.

See also this biography on Bess Lomax Hawes about her life and contributions. 

Visit our Clara Lemlich honorees page on Jackie Steiner, who co-wrote the famous song "M.T.A." with Bess Lomax. 

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