Celebrate Labor History Month with a Crayon:
First in a Labor Arts series for children

Women worked in non-traditional trades when this coloring book was published in the mid 1980s, but their numbers were small. Training programs, lobbying, advocacy and outreach by women's organizations have helped reduce barriers to women's employment in construction trades, though most still meet the Department of Labor's definition of "non-traditional": a job in which fewer than 25% of the workforce is female.

The organization Tradeswomen turned to a cartoonist to help them reach an audience of children, including those in immigrant communities. They created this coloring book with the artist bulbul, who has been drawing cartoons for the labor movement since the early 1970s.

The pages are ready to print--we hope viewers take the opportunity to collaborate with a young artist, sharing both crayons and stories about women who work in blue collar jobs.

The illustrations here are all from The Little Tradeswomen Coloring Book, published by Tradeswomen Inc, 1986.
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