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New York City Building Trades Council, 1897 Click image to enlarge 

New York City Building Trades Council, 1897Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, NYU

New York City Building Trades Council, 1897

These 37 union leaders were delegates to the New York City Building Trades Council in 1897. The portraits, together with the key identifying names of the men and of their organizations, provide a glimpse into the trades they practiced. Some of these unions still exist today; others have vanished, as new building techniques and architectural styles undermined their skills.

The numbers link the names with the photos above.

  1. Thomas McCracken, United Carpenters and Joiners, No. 4
  2. P. Duffy, Plasterer’s Laborers
  3. H.J. Park, Paper Hangers’ Association
  4. H. Horan, Stair Builders
  5. D.D. O’Connell, Progressive Varnishers and Hardwood Finishers, No. 1
  6. B . Forsythe, Amalgamated Carpenters
  7. Thomas Heale, Housesmiths and Bridgemen
  8. William A. Perrine, Iron Moulders
  9. S. Park, Housesmiths and Bridgemen’s Union
  10. John McAllister, Marble Cutters
  11. Axel Nelson, English Framers
  12. O. Leibig, Cement and Artifical Stone Masons
  13. M. Pratt, Tin & Sheet Iron Workers
  14. Michael Moran, Machine Stone Workers
  15. J.J. Nugent, Steam Fitters’ Helpers
  16. Michael McGale, Marble Polishers
  17. Peter Gibbons, Hoisting Engineers
  18. William O’Brien, Granite Cutters
  19. George F. Eifert, Marble Cutters’ Helpers
  20. B. Westernberger, Architectural Iron Workers
  21. J.S. Henry, Wood Carvers
  22. Raphael Carrara, Marble Mosaic Helpers
  23. J.J. Pallas, Pattern Makers
  24. James Smith, Operative Plasterers
  25. A. Tramontin, Marble Mosaic Workers
  26. George H. Warner, Machinists
  27. G.W. Whitford, Electrical Workers No. 3
  28. George D. Gaillard, Brotherhood of Carpenters
  29. John Cronin, Tile Layers' Helpers
  30. Martin Goelnitz, Cement Laborers' Helpers
  31. F. Spreter, Brotherhood of Carpenters
  32. L. Levit, Sheet & Plate Glass Glaziers
  33. K. Daly, Derrick Men
  34. A. Schilling, Cornice and Skylight Makers
  35. J. F. McCormick, Operative Engineers
  36. C. Nelson, Electrical Workers
  37. H. Epstein, Progressive Varnishers