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  Photograph by Daniel Nilva.

New York picket line in support of Ford workers, 1937.

New York City members of the UAW demonstrated their support for the Ford workers in Dearborn, Michigan who were involved in a bitterly fought organizing drive among auto workers during the 1930s. Among the outstanding supporters of the Ford workers' organizing drive was the late Paul Robeson, who spoke at union organizing meetings in Cadillac Square, Detroit. This New York City demonstration was organized around Christmas time by UAW Local 365, with signs including : "Ford greetings to union men: Lay offs, unemployment..." and "Local 365 U.A.W.A. protests against Ford Terror," and "Unionism not Fordism will give Ford Workers a Merry Xmas."



Daniel Nilva Photograph Collection, Tamiment Library, New York University.



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