Union Voice, November 9, 1947

(Sung by the store employees at the end of the long and harassing work day. Note the reference to "getting the nickel set to hit the subway" - a symbol of a time long since past. Also, the interlude song by a pair of shoppers, equally harassed).


Six o'clock is chimin'--
Give your chassis quite a shake-up.
Hurry, put your time in -
Little lassie, get your make-up.
Cover up the counter,
Find the box you keep your hose in.
Quit reposin'
Like your dozin' -,
Stop your posin'
Like you're frozen -


It's closin' time!
Let's shut the tap on talk and tears and trouble -
Let's turn off ev'ry single bubble
In the soda fountain -
Balance up the days account 'n'
Good night!

It's closin' time!
Don't stand there spinning daydreams in a dither!
Let's pat those shiny noses with a
Touch of run-out powder,
Hurry, get your body outta
Sight -
Good night!

(Interlude, sung by two weary shoppers):

All day we've been shoppin' -
Our poor heels a-poppin' -
We're ready to drop in
our tracks.

Heard bunk by the store full -
Bought junk by the drawer full -
A couple of awful
Sad Saks -
Fifth Avenue!   (All)

It's closin' time -
Let's get that nickel set to hit the subway -
Let's hurry home and fill the tub 'way
Up to overflowin' -
Wash away the day's hard goin' -
Set a hotfoot to your toe 'n'
Good night!

© Copyright Labor Arts Inc.