The recordings presented here are not from the 1947 production, but from a performance by the creators of the musical, Norman Franklin and Henry Foner, accompanied on the piano by Ethel Ratner. The presentation was made at the final session of a course about the four Foner brothers that Henry presented at the Brooklyn College Institute for Retirees in Pursuit of Education (IRPE) during the Fall of 2002.

The images are courtesy of the Robert F. Wagner Archives at New York University, Henry Foner collection, the music is courtesy of Henry Foner, Norman Franklin and Ethel Ratner.

See Tara Bahrampour, "Four Brothers, Four Working-Class Heroes," New York Times, November 22, 2002, for a
full description of the class.

Union Voice, 1947

How Long the Day?

Closin' Time

My House of Dreams

Monday Morning

Spirit Shining
(The Maybe Alma Mater Song)

The Elevator Song
(I'm the Skipper of a Shoebox on a String)

The Ballad of the Bra

Selling Union

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