"Unite and Fight " #3, third in a series of three quilts with historic photographs, made for the ILGWU convention in 1995.

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Private collection, photograph of quilt by Teddy Fung.

The third in a series of quilts created by Kathy Andrade and friends for the 1995 ILGWU national convention.
This quilt also features the same early twentieth century Hine photo of a woman carrying a large bundle of piece work on her head, and other historic images from the union's past.

These three quilts are but a small sampling of the quilts created by Andrade for national conventions of the ILGWU -- most of the rest are missing.

Another quilt created for an early union convention -- one that took three years to make -- featured a map of each state of the union, and that state's coat of arms. Whereabouts unknown.

Other missing quilts we would be grateful to hear information about include one made for the 75th anniversary of the ILGWU, and one made in support of the Polish Solidarity movement, featuring Solidarity in Polish, Chinese, Engllish, Spanish and Korean.

Another enormous fabric arts project was undertaken for the 1976 bicentennial celebration by Andrade and fellow seamstresses in collaboration with students from the Fashion Institute of Technology. They spent two years copying costumes from 1776 for use in the bicentennial festivities.



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