The ILGWU Archives are located at the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation & Archives at Cornell University, and we are grateful to Curtis Lyons, Barbara Morley and her staff for their unfailing help in locating images, and for permission to reproduce those images in the exhibit. We are grateful as well to Michael Nash, Erika Gottfired and the Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives/Tamiment Library at New York University for ongoing assistance and support of Labor Arts, and for permission to reproduce images.

Front page image: "Our City, Our Union," ILGWU, 1940. Tamiment Library, New York University.

For more information consult the ILGWU Archives at the Kheel Center, Cornell University and particularly their extraordinary online exhibit about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.

There is also a one hundred and seven page (!) bibliography of books and articles and other resources about the history of the garment industry in New York City, prepared for the Gotham Center's Garment Industry History Initiative.

A select few of the works consulted for this exhibit include:

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Henry Foner, Evelyn Jones Rich and Rachel Bernstein, the principles of Labor Arts, prepared this exhibit (as we have prepared all of the Labor Arts exhibits) with our web designer Ami Palombo, and with the generous help of many outside experts.

The list of people who lent their materials, their stories and their historical perspectives to this ILGWU exhibit is particularly long and no doubt incomplete. Our sincere thanks to everyone who helped us over the long course of this project.

We would like to thank:

Kathy Andrade
Jean Appleton
Jon Bloom
Sandra Bourdier
May Chen
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Esther Cohen
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Erika Gottfried
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Jay Mazur
Martin Morand
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Michael Nash
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