Joseph Deodato conceived of and created this exhibit while working as an intern with LaborArts in the summer of 2002 shortly after graduating Rutgers University with a BA in History. Joseph currently attends graduate school at the University of Maryland where he is pursuing two Masters degrees in History and Library Science.

The sources used in this exhibit include a variety of historical literature on the IWW as well as the rich artwork found in the pages of early Wobbly publications such as the Industrial Worker, Industrial Pioneer, and One Big Union Monthly. Its primary inspiration has been the insightful work done on Wobbly art and culture by scholars such as Joyce Kornbluh and Salvatore Salerno.

The author is grateful for the support, advice, and assistance of LaborArts historians Rachel Bernstein and Henry Foner as well as web designer, Ami Palombo, without which this exhibit would not have been possible.


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Industrial Workers of the World
The official site of the Industrial Workers of the World.

The IWW Little Red Songbook
Online publication of the I.W.W.'s Little Red Songbook.

Picturebooks @ Mr. Block
Ernst Riebe's famous Mr. Block cartoons.

The Bisbee, Arizona Deportation of 1917, University of Arizona Library
The University of Arizona Library web exhibit on the Bisbee deportation of 1917 (includes a variety of important IWW publications).

Memories of the Industrial Workers of the World, by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
The "rebel girl," Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, recounts the history of the Industrial Workers of the World.

PBS: Joe Hill
Homepage for the 2000 PBS documentary on the life and times of Wobbly organizer and poet, Joe Hill.

Beautiful Losers: The Historiography of the Industrial Workers of the World, by Bob Black.
An insightful historiographical analysis of the IWW.

Centralia Massacre Collection, University of Washington Library
The University of Washington's Centralia Massacre collection.

Everett Massacre Collection, University of Washington Library
The University of Washington's Everett Massacre collection.

IWW Collection, Michigan State University Library
IWW publications contained in Michigan State University's American Radicalism Collection.
A web archive of materials relating to the theory and practice of anarcho-syndicalism (contains a directory of IWW images as well as a brief history of the organization).

IWW Bibliography
An extensive bibliography of works related to the Industrial Workers of the World.

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