The New Singers "The Soup Song"
Written by Maurice Sugar

I'm spending my nights at the flophouse -
I'm spending my days on the street.
I'm looking for work and I find none
I wish I had something to eat!


Sou-oopp! Sou-oop!
They give me a bowl of sou-oo-oop
Sou-oopp! Sou-oop!
They give me a bowl of soup.

(Repeat after each verse)

I spent twenty years in the factory.
I did everything I was told.
They said I was loyal and faithful
Now even before I get old.

I saved fifty bucks with my banker.
To buy me a car and a yacht.
I went down to draw out my fortune,
And this is the answer I got.

I fought in the war for my country.
I went out to bleed and to die.
I thought that my country would help me,
But this was my country's reply.

The New Singers were a Communist Party-connected singing group in New York who recorded a three-record album for Timely Records in 1935, in which this song appeared. These were the first Party-related recordings. Maurice Sugar (1891-1974), who also wrote "Sit Down," was a Detroit labor attorney who was active in local labor organizing during and after the Depression.

Illustration: Workers Song Book (Workers Music League, 1934)

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