This song was written while Henry Foner was teaching Pitman Stenography and Typewriting at Samuel J. Tilden High School in the early 1940s.

You’re Just My Type (1940)
Words and Music by Henry Foner


All day long, I sit at the keyboard –  
I type and I type, but the whole thing has me bored.  
The keys may be pounding, but the pounding that I hear  
Is the beat of my heart whenever you are near.


Anyone can see that my heart’s been indented.  
The carriage may move, but my mind is all centered –  
When I look at your face,  
My heart skips a space –  
You’re just my type.

I start in to work, and suddenly you barge in –  
My love for you, dear, has no bounds and no margin.  
There’s no letter or key  
For what you do to me –  
You’re just my type.

A – S – D – F – G – H –  
I can even type it in capital –  
But I know that I won’t be happy till  
You say you’re mine –  
Exclamation sign!

My fingers will play what my heart keeps a-singing –  
At the end of each line, I hear wedding bells a-ringing –  
Then I’ll make you the queen  
Of my Royal machine –  
You’re just my type –  
Backspace –  
You’re just my type.