This song had its première performance at the musical revue, Now’s the Time, presented by the Arts Committee of the New York City Teachers’ Union at the Heckscher Theatre on February 27-28 and March 6, 7, 13 and 14, 1942. 

“V” for Victory (1942)
By Henry Foner


Freedom’s alphabet is going to get a brand new letter –
It’s bigger and better than all the rest.
Just raise two fingers high and you’ll see why this new sensation
Is sweeping the nation from east to west. 

It’s got rhythm, rhyme and reason in its swing.
Just beat it out – give a mighty shout—and you’ll hear freedom ring. 


From the city streets to the old backwoods,
All the people want to turn out the goods,
For Munich appeasin’ is now out of season –
It’s V  ...- for Victory. 

Children sitting in grammar schools
Are showing their teachers that they’re no fools.
They’re drawing that figure bigger and bigger –
It’s V. ....- for Victory, 

It’s striking terror in the heart of the man with the funny mustache.
It’s not too late now if you start – just beat out three dots and a dash.
From the China seas to the coast of France,
Fascists will hang by the seat of their pants –
We’ll knock the Axis  flat on their backses
With V...- for Victory.