I heard this at a political rally at Madison Square Garden but never saw its lyrics published, although they have remained with me through the years. If any of our listeners know who wrote it, we would appreciate your letting us know.

You Can’t Live on Love (1938)
(writers unknown)


Romance is grand in the moving pictures,  
It’s “boy meets girl” and it’s “rags to riches” –  
In a cottage small, by a waterfall,  
Love conquers all, and there are no hitches.


I learned about love from Tin Pan Alley –  
Dorothy Dix and Rudy Vallee –  
Let me bring to your attention what they all forgot to mention --  
That you can’t live on love.

You’ve got to pay rent to beat the gutter –  
You’ve got to have dough for bread and butter –  
Hugs and kisses may be thrilling,  
But they aren’t very filling  
‘Cause you can’t live on love.

You’ve got to drive that big, bad wolf away  
From your door before he gets chummy.  
You’ve got to dig up three square meals a day,  
‘Cause you can’t make love on an empty tummy.

Don’t flatter yourself – it’s love you’re rich in –  
It won’t buy a lamb chop for your kitchen.  
Hugs and kisses are the fashion,  
But a steak must feed your passion  
‘Cause you can’t live on love.