This revised version of a song popular in the late 1930s was written for the American Student Union at City College at the time of the Rapp-Coudert Committee investigation.

Yes, My Darling Daughter (1939)
New Lyrics by Henry Foner

Mother, there’s a new committee –  
(Yes, my darling daughter).  
Riding roughshod through the city –  
(Yes, my darling daughter).

They’re out to smear our schools, mama darling,  
With red herrings made to order.  
Do they think they’re sitting pretty?  
(Yes, my darling daughter).

They’re just reaction’s tools, mama darling,  
Out to cut the budget shorter –  
Shall we tell that to the city?  
(Yes, my darling daughter).

Oh, mama!  Oh, mama!  
What if they should insist on third degrees,  
And our membership lists they try to seize  
In a manner illegal and improper?  
(Just tell them that the vote belongs to papa).

Mother, here’s the situation –  
(Yes, my darling daughter).  
Shall I keep up my education?  
(Yes, my darling daughter).

Then I want your advice, mama darling, -- Do you think I really oughtta  
Join the American Student Union?  
(Yes, my darling daughter).