Labor Arts Sampler

The talents and passions of working people are often expressed in forms that are not traditionally preserved. So, too, are the artistic expressions of the labor movement that have moved working people to action. Collecting and displaying these cultural objects is the mission of the LABOR ARTS website, and here in the LABOR ARTS SAMPLER are examples of the kinds of items that have inspired this project.

We hope this SAMPLER sparks ideas about what kinds of items need to be included in the website, and that visitors will contact us with suggestions.

The Labor Arts site is designed to foster discussion and the sharing of information. We welcome communications from anyone who has information about the items displayed here.

All images are copyrighted to the following organizations:

Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
ILGWU Archives, Kheel Center, Cornell University
New York City Municipal Archives
Private Collections

Protest rally sicker AF of L banner Union Label Advertisement I.W.W. Songbook Anti child labor photograph Memorial button Engineer's Medallion Sewing machine operator Anti nazi program cover Inflatable protest symbols Organizing leaflet CLUW button Brooklyn Bridge Redcap cartoon Beribboned badge Knights of Labor Trade Card Political necktie Labor Day Souvenir Pardon Tom Mooney pamphlet Miner's art work First Labor Day Parade Italian Dressmakers Journal