Taos Diner by Jack R Smith
Stevenson Street by John Davies
Painting the Anchor by Herb Kornfeld
Grape Harvest 3 by Jay Mercado
Mural Study for Lockheed Aircraft Corporation by Emil Kosa Jr
Heavy Load by Anders Aldrin
Truck Ride by Betty Lane
Los Huachinangos Red Snapper by Dan Lutz
Farm Auction by Betty Lane
Tanya by Dan McCleary
The Flower Pickers II by Raymond Cuevas
Check Out by John Nava
In the Bucket by Robin Gowen
Stagehand and Chorusgirl by Don Freeman





Paintings about work and workers have occasionally drawn the eye of dedicated collectors. Like the history of working people, the art, and the collections deserve more attention than they are generally afforded.


The paintings and drawings here were collected by Frank Goss, who writes “I have always loved labor: the sweat of it, the motion of it, the product of it. Read More...” The art portrays these physical elements — the effort and motion — and boredom — of people at work, the workplaces and neighborhoods where they spend their time. A piece from 1931 shows a neighborhood with men returning home from work, heads bent; another, from 2005, depicts an empty street with a man selling deliciosos helados. A close-up of hands of a grape picker (also 2005), two men straining to push a heavy cart uphill, and two portraits, each a laborer with a shovel, from 1927 and 2005, all evoke the individual and physical experience of work. A keen sense of place is found in an image of a boiler room (1965), a refinery (2005), a blacksmith’s shop (1890s) and a scene of spear fishing on the Columbus River (1950).

There is much more — we hope you’ll take the time to glance at all 39 of the images in this exhibit.

The Sullivan Goss Gallery of Santa Barbara has graciously permitted us to use the images in this exhibit; contact the gallery for all questions regarding reproduction.

Construction Workers by Frank Taira
Worker with Union Flag by Gunther Gerzso
Raising Walls by Joe Pastor
Deliciosos Helados by Shiba Ward
Blacksmith Shop by Colin Campbell Cooper
Worker on Crutches by Robert Clyde Bentley
Refinery Worker by Wayne LaCom
Music Maker by Alia El Bermani
Carting it Off by Steve Huston
Rescue, La Conchita by Pamela Hill Enticknap
Dinner for Three by Anders Aldrin
Untitled [Factory scene inspired by Mayfried Odner] by Bernard Baruch Zakheim
Indians Fishing Cielilo Falls - Columbia River, 1950 by Millard Sheets
Boiler Room by Wayne LaCom
Net Menders - Three Workers by Richard Haines
The Fallen Man by John Bernhardt
Boston After Dark by Betty Lane
Man With Shovel by Anders Aldrin
Smoke Break, No. 6 of 7 by John Bernhardt
Reporting to Work by John Davies
Bay Ferry Terminal Mural Study by Richard Haines
By Air - Mural Study by Ben Messick
1968 John Deere 4020 at Sedgewick by Hank Pitcher
Waiting by Steve Huston
Study For Mural - Los Angeles Post Office I by Anders Aldrin

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