Dressmakers Progressive Group Local 22, ILGWU

The color and style of the banner is not unlike the previous banner from an ACWA local, with its red silk background, gold lettering, fringe and tassels. The center logo shows a sewing machine, behind it a raised fist symbolizing the militancy and strength of this self-described progressive union. The power of a unified workforce is indicated by the juxtaposition of the tools of the trade and the symbol of strength

Originally representing mostly Jewish and Italian workers, the dressmakers’ union was one of the largest and included many of the least skilled workers in the industry. Even so, a number of leaders emerged from its ranks, including Maida Springer, who went on to become an international labor leader and a civil rights activist, and Jay Mazur, who went on to be a leader in Local 23-25, and later to become president of the international.

probably silk
52″ x 36″

International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union