New York Coat, Suit, Dress, Rainwear
& Allied Workers Union, ILGWU

Straying from the traditional red fabric, this banner features a blue fabric with gold lettering and fringe. The lettering reads: I.L.G.W.U. A.F.L.–C.I.O. The ILGWU logo in the center, a slight variant in design from the previous one, is now a union label. The needle used to sew on the label is shown in both, but here the thread outlining the label is not discernible. The lettering reads: Union Made ILGWU Int’l Ladies Garment Workers Union AFL–CIO.

The number of different specialties represented suggests the banner is from a merger of locals later in the twentieth century.

53″ x 37″

International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union