New Generations (1994–2011)

In the past decade, women firefighters have been hired in very small numbers by the FDNY. It took more than a decade after the first group of women was hired in 1982 before another woman joined their ranks. As of 2013, there are fewer women firefighters in the FDNY than were hired in 1982—approximately 30 out of 11,000 firefighters.

Despite their small numbers, women firefighters persevere and do exactly the same jobs as their male counterparts. Women responded to the World Trade Center on 9-11 and continued to work at the site during the rescue and recovery effort. After 9-11, more women were hired, initiating a new generation of women firefighters who serve their communities.
  • First woman to be hired in 12 years

    Firefighter (promoted to Lieutenant) Susan Blake—the first woman to be hired after the original group when she came on in 1994. The photo is from the late 1990s.

    Courtesy of Susan Blake

  • Working at the World Trade Center site

    Firefighter Marianne McCormack working at the World Trade Center site after 9-11-01.

    Courtesy of Marianne McCormack

  • First Asian American woman firefighter

    Firefighter Sarinya Srisakul of Engine 5 was the first Asian-American woman firefighter to come in the FDNY when she joined 2005. The photo is from 2011.

    Photograph by Nicholas Truong, courtesy of Sarinya Srisakul

  • On the nozzle on a porch roof

    Firefighter Jackie-Michelle Martinez of Engine 275 on the nozzle at a house fire, circa 2009.

    Courtesy of Jackie-Michelle Martinez

  • First class of all Latina women

    Jennifer Quinones, Sophy Medina, Sarinya Olmo and Joy Flores were the first class of all Latina women in 2008.

    Courtesy of Sarinya Srisakul

  • “Bravest gal saves terrier pulled from fire”

    Engine 276 Firefighter Daiana Mielnik’s rescue of a dog from a house fire is chronicled in this clipping from the New York Post, February 5th, 2010.

  • First transgender firefighter

    Firefighter Georgia Brooke Guinan (center), first transgender FDNY firefighter, marching in the 2011 NYC Pride Parade.

    Courtesy of Sarinya Srisakul