Vinie Burrows

Vinie BurrowsVinie Burrows is an actor, author, radio host, teacher and fighter against war, violence and racism. She started her acting career on Broadway as a teenager with Helen Hayes in The Wisteria Trees. In rapid succession came six other Broadway plays and more off-Broadway productions, including the original production of Jean Genet's The Blacks. Frustrated by the quality and quantity of roles offered the actor of color, Burrows took control, ultimately developing eight original one-woman shows. She has toured four continents and has performed over 6000 times in theatres and college campuses around the world. One recent theatrical accomplishment is a one woman play—Rose McClendon: Black on the Great White Way, which she wrote as a tribute to the leading African American actress of the Harlem Renaissance. While the major thrust of her life has been to carry the message of peace, justice and reconciliation through theatre art, Ms. Burrows expanded her political and social effectiveness, having served as Permanent Representative at the United Nations for the Women's International Democratic Federation, a non-governmental organization with members in 160 countries. Ninety two years young, she is currently appearing in the SohoRep production of Samara at the A.R.T./New York Theatres on West 53rd Street.




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