Sample Image Page for Making Work Visible — A Labor Arts Contest

Students — please select an image from this sampling of Labor Arts items that "speaks to" your submission. Alternatively, you may choose any image from the Labor Arts collections  or exhibits pages, or contribute an image from elsewhere.


Click each thumbnail below to view original large-format image and full item description.

Rally against child labor

Rally against child labor, 1997



Emergency Room
NYC emergency room during blackout, 1965



Goodwill Poster
Goodwill Poster



American Indian ironworkers at Ground Zero, 2002
American Indian ironworkers at Ground Zero, 2002




[Shuttle], painting by James Grosso, 1955



Ready to Work
Ready to Work, Chelsea, 1938



Pie in the Sky
"Pie in the Sky," painting by Ralph Fasanella, 1947



Bus driver on strike
Bus driver on strike, 2005

Young evacuees in Manzanar

Young evacuees in Manzanar, photograph by Dorothea lange, 1942



Painting by Marshall Arisman
Painting by Marshall Arisman, 1980



Painting by John Bernhardt
Painting by John Bernhardt, 1950s



Painting by Dan McCleary
Painting by Dan McCleary, 2004

Pyramid of the Capitalist System

"Pyramid of the Capitalist System," 1911



Rebuilding the World Trade Center
Rebuilding the World Trade Center, 2009



Africa in America
"Africa in America," by Laura Wheeler, 1924



Fatima of New Royal Fabrics
"Fatima of New Royal Fabrics," painting by Nina Talbot, 2006

Teacher and student

Teacher and student from District 75, 2007



NYC UndergroundNYC Underground, 1918



Madison Square Garden Rally 1942Madison Square Garden Rally 1942



Rats as protest symbols, 2000Rats as protest symbols, 2000

Planned Parenthood button

Planned Parenthood button



Music maker, painting, 2005Music maker, painting, 2005



Taxi driver cartoon, 1980sTaxi driver cartoon, 1980s



BricklayerDetail of mural — bricklayer