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2019 CLARA LEMLICH AWARDS -  Honoring unsung heroines, women who have been working for the larger good all  their lives.  The Awards were held this year on Monday May 6, 2019 at the Puffin Gallery for Social Activism at the Museum of the City of New York..  This year we honored Elba Cabrera, Doris Diether, Ronnie Eldridge, Melissa Freeman, and Philoine Fried.  Check back soon for photos and video from the ceremony,  and see the 2011-2018 honorees here,


"MAKING WORK VISIBLE" - CUNY / LABORARTS CONTEST  The 2019 awards ceremony was held on Monday April 29, 2019.  Check back soon for the exhibit featuring the winning works, and see prize winning essays, poems and art from previous years here


BERNHARDT LABOR JOURNALISM FORUM -  The 2019 Bernhardt Awards will be announced in June.  Find information about previous winners here.



CALLING UP HENRY, celebrating the life of our good friend and cherished colleague Henry Foner, was held on Tuesday April 4, 2017 at the 1199 SEIU Penthouse  Find recordings of Henry singing some of his songs in our Thursdays TiIl Nine and Play it Again, Sam exhibits, and information about his book of verse here.

CLARA LEMLICH AWARDS - Video from the 2011 -2017 ceremonies can be found here, photos here, and additional video here.

Remembering Ralph Fasanella - featuring twelve remarkable paintings by this socially engaged artist who was often called an "aftist of the people."  


 Meet Us in St. Louis - A collection of Labor Art from around the country and across the century.  Start with the image of the week and add your observations.


On Equal Terms - Women in trades, 35 years and still....    Poetry and mixed media by artist and electrician Susan Eisenberg.


Defending the Social Safety Net  


For Better or Verse  -- video and audio of Henry Foner singing songs from the new book.


 Women Firefighters in New York City  




HENRY FONER   SONGS AND POEMS (FOR BETTER OR WORSE) is our first publication.  Listen to recordings of songs from Henry's student activist days in the 1930s and 40s on the Labor Arts exhibit "Play it Again, Sam."  See the table of contents and purchase the book here.






Labor Art from St. Louis features highlights from the Feldacker collection of paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture on the theme of work and workers.


Why Unions -- Art from the National Maritime Union  features graphic art from the 1940s by Harold Price, Rockwell Kent and William Gropper


Landscape of Lost Arts    Vanished Structures and Forgotten Skills   --  Janet Wells Greene curates images of artisans and union craftsmen building and rebuilding the NYC skyline


We Love A Parade    Union Banners Then and Now  --  featuring four labor banners from the 19th century and 27 banners from the twentieth century NYC garment industry


Sisters in the Brotherhoods  -- Jane Latour interviews women who were pioneers in skilled blue-collar jobs


The ILGWU:  Social Unionism in Action  -- garment union initiatives in organizing, immigration, civil rights, health care and culture           


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