Item no. 22008
New York
Occupation: Publishing
Collection: Wagner Labor Archives

Printers from the Daily News composing room, marching in May, 1938 Union Label parade.

Bertram Powers, printer from Typographical Union No. 6, describes the work:

"The way of doing the work was still pretty much as it had been with Gutenberg; with the exception of the linotype machine, everything else was hand work.  The Typographical Union was very old and had a lot of traditions, and as a result, a union composing room was a much different place than a non-union composing room--much more orderly, much better atmosphere, freer. ...  We didn't have a history of strikes, but one of craft pride and identity as union men who were loyal to the union.  You did not cross a picket line and you did not work with non-union people."

Quote from Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives.

Image from the Union Label Collection, Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives.

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