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The 2022 Clara Lemlich Awards Ceremony will (alas) once more be virtual—
Thursday May 12, 6–6:30pm, 2022
—don’t be late or you’ll miss it. Register here.

We are thrilled to announce this year’s honorees:
107 year old civil rights activist and educator Dorothy Burnham, celebrated people’s poet Maria Mazziotti Gillan, labor pioneer Dolores Huerta, community health pioneer Jeannette Phillips, feminist women’s health and abortion rights advocate Kathie Sarachild.

ENTER THE “MAKING WORK VISIBLE” – CUNY / LABORARTS CONTEST The 2022 contest guidelines are in place, and the portal to submit entries opens soon. Read the award winning fiction, non-fiction and poetry,  see the art from past winners and find out more about how to enter here.

May 2, 6pm – Chinatown Heroes: A VIRTUAL Book Party and 1982 Strike Retrospective honoring the publication of Wai Wah Chan’s Chinatown Heroes and drawing a historical bridge between the 1982 Garment Workers Strike and Chinatown a decade later. Writer and scholar Winifred Chin will moderate a discussion with veterans of the strike, and May Chen, retired ILGWU leader and translator of the book, will lead a discussion about the resonance of the strike in the decades that followed. Free. Register here.

May 7, noon – 2pm – Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Walking Tour with ILGWU historian Daniel Katz. $40. Register here.

May 21, noon – 1pm – Chinatown 1982 Strike Walking Tour with ILGWU historian Daniel Katz. $25. Register here.

Visit this page for updates on events commemorating the 40th anniversary of the 1982 CHINATOWN GARMENT WORKERS STRIKE.



Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary paperback edition of the Bernhardt and Bernstein book Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives, A Pictorial History of Workers in New York City.

CALLING UP HENRY celebrated the life of our good friend and cherished colleague Henry Foner.  Find recordings of Henry singing some of his songs in our Thursdays TiIl Nine and Play it Again, Sam exhibits, and information about his book of verse here.

Remembering Ralph Fasanella featuring twelve remarkable paintings by this socially engaged artist who was often called an “artist of the people.”

 Meet Us in St. Louis – A collection of Labor Art from around the country and across the century.  Start with the image of the week and add your observations.

On Equal Terms – Women in trades, 35 years and still…. Poetry and mixed media by artist and electrician Susan Eisenberg.

Defending the Social Safety Net  

For Better or Verse  — video and audio of Henry Foner singing songs from the new book.

 Women Firefighters in New York City  



Labor Art from St. Louis features highlights from the Feldacker collection of paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture on the theme of work and workers.

Why Unions — Art from the National Maritime Union  features graphic art from the 1940s by Harold Price, Rockwell Kent and William Gropper

Landscape of Lost Arts    Vanished Structures and Forgotten Skills  —  Janet Wells Greene curates images of artisans and union craftsmen building and rebuilding the NYC skyline

We Love A Parade Union Banners Then and Now  —  featuring four labor banners from the 19th century and 27 banners from the twentieth century NYC garment industry

Sisters in the Brotherhoods  — Jane Latour interviews women who were pioneers in skilled blue-collar jobs

The ILGWU:  Social Unionism in Action  — garment union initiatives in organizing, immigration, civil rights, health care and culture

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