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Theme from Ode to Joy, 4th Movement, Beethoven's Symphony no. 9.
Original lyrics by Freidrich von Schiller
Lyric revision/first verse by Jeff Vogel
New York City Labor Chorus


Workers sing your union anthem
cross the land and o'er the Earth,
Tell the story of the battles
that led to our glorious birth.
Robber barons, Wall Street tyrants,
gathering wealth is all they know,
Come together, join our forces,
and defeat our greedy foe.

Hail the sun of peace new rising,
hold the war clouds close afurled,
Blend our banners oh my people
in the rainbow of the world.
Red as blood and blue as heaven,
wise as age and proud as youth,
Meld our banners wonder woven,
in the one great light of truth.

Build the road of peace before us,
build it wide and deep and long.
Speed the slow and check the eager,
help the weak and curb the strong.
None shall push aside another,
none shall let another fall,
March beside me, oh my people,
all for one and one for all.

© Copyright Labor Arts Inc.