Kathleen Farrell's The Best Hands in the Business was the first mural to be included in the Labor Arts collections, but at the time we were still working on an effective viewing mechanism. This exhibit introduces a significant sample of Farrell's work, and also introduces our new mural display design allowing for close examination of sections of each mural.

Artist Kathleen Farrell collaborates with community and labor groups to create public art that tells the often forgotten stories of the lives of ordinary people, their history, struggles and hopes. A member of United Scenic Artists Union local #829, Farrell has worked as a labor artist since 1975, creating murals for union conventions and union halls. Her murals, paintings and sculptures are featured in labor buildings, museums, galleries and books.

Contact the artist to ask about her other labor art or about permission to reproduce these images, and visit the Friends of Community Public Art website to see more of her work online.

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