2023 Honoree

Alice Ip

Chinatown union leader

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Alice married very young, followed her husband to Holland in 1970 and then immigrated to New York City in 1976. She immediately got work in garment factories in Manhattan’s Chinatown and became an active union member with Local 23-25 of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union (today’s Workers United). In 1982 during tough contract negotiations, the union hired Alice to mobilize and organize the workers. Known in the community as “Sister Ho” (好姐), Alice was a leader and rally speaker in Columbus Park during the 1982 Chinatown strike. She went on to become a Union Business Agent, handling more than 70 shops, and Local 23-25’s Community Outreach Director. She was the Founding Chairperson of the Chinese Committee of CLUW (NY Chapter). Retired for more than 20 years, Alice remains active in community issues in Chinatown today with the Better Chinatown Society, W.O.W. Project, and the union’s retirees’ group.


Interview conducted, taped and edited by Ruth Sergel

Awards Ceremony

Video by Antony Wong


Posters about the honorees are by students from The Imagine Society, where young leaders work with adult mentors to help make the world a better place. 

Olympia and Zuzu Hall made this poster about Alice Ip

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