2023 Honoree • In Memoriam

Anita Weisbord

Holocaust educator

In November 2022, Rita Margules called to say she had a lifelong friend who deserved a Lemlich Award—but she didn’t realize it until attending her memorial service. She asked if we could make an exception and grant an award posthumously? The answer was yes. That friend, Anita Weisbord, grew up in a Jewish family in pre-war Austria, and her recollection of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, her experience being deported to England during the Kindertransport, and her immigration to America are experiences she tirelessly shared with students of all ages throughout the tri-state area as part of education about the Holocaust. Sadly, her friend Rita Margules died in March of this year, and could not introduce Anita at the May Lemlich Awards ceremony.


Interview compiled by Ruth Sergel

Awards Ceremony

Clara Lemlich’s great grandson Adam Schaffer spoke about Anita Weisbord at the ceremony. Video by Antony Wong


Posters about the honorees are by students from The Imagine Society, where young leaders work with adult mentors to help make the world a better place. 

Michael and Patrick Gaffigan made this poster about Anita Weisbord

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