San Francisco General Strike, 1934
Unloading coffee in San Francisco, 1936
Harry Bridges, Labor Day 1939
Local 10 hiring hall, 1946
Labor School entertains pickets, 1948
Pedro de la Cruz organizing in Lanai, 1951
Dole pineapple cannery, 1958
"Alaskeros", 1950's
Break bulk operations, 1958
Debating Modernization and Mechanization Agreement, 1959
First woman member of longshore local, 1965
Loading logs in Seattle, 1969
Local 10 Drill Team, 1972
Woman warehouse worker, 1975
Planting pineapple in Hawaii, 1976

The term "longshoremen" has its origin in the days when workers who were needed to load and unload ships were recruited at the last minute by the call: "Men along the shore!"

This Labor Arts exhibit presents a representative selection of images contained in the publication of the west coast International Longshore and Warehouse Union, "The ILWU Story: Six Decades of Militant Unionism. The ILWU's story, dating back to the historic San Francisco General Strike of 1934, is one of the most dramatic in our nation's labor history.




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