2022 Contest

Making Work Visible

City University of New York / Labor Arts

Christian Amaya Garcia

Visual Arts  Second PlaceChristian Amaya Garcia Visual Arts, Lehman College
Fieldwork, Site 1
drywall and taped Xerox photograph on drywall, H 27″ W 24″

I’m interested in formulating and producing my wonder for architecture into a narrative between materials and space. To respond in a deconstructive motive towards algorithmic viewing of art and artists. In opposing the fast-paced, hyper-stimulating scrolling and viewing of images on social media, I search for ways to spend more time looking at a surface. In ways to revisit the concept of ‘labor’, an overlooked concept through the lens of social media by subconsciously removing time and progressional labor. In this space, time is warped to speedily keep up with the flux of images. By using drywall, I search to question the relationship one may have with walls and examples of boundaries, borders and immigration in the United States. The question I’m interested in is how can we revisit construction materials in our daily life? What type of walls are implemented in our lives? Educationally, socially, or cultural? How can we further “break these walls” and allow inclusion for recognition to laborers?