2022 Contest

Making Work Visible

City University of New York / Labor Arts

Hanono Jordana

Visual Arts Third PlaceHanono Jordana Studio Art, Hunter College
Working Hands
charcoal, H 11″ W 9″

My work is a representation of the hard working people in New York City. The high contrast between the black and white throughout the hands is meant to represent the roughness and cracks. This is one of the main reasons I chose to work with charcoal. Charcoal tends to give a meaningful, sorrow, dramatic and realistic effect. The rough hands demonstrate the hardships a working person is put through everyday. I wanted this drawing to have an authentic feel. The bridge as the background is meant to represent the location, but moreover the beauty these hands can build. I chose to make the hands as the focus of this piece as opposed to the bridge to give them the credit they deserve. The people who built the bridge worked tirelessly and deserve credit. This was my contribution to them.