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Social Unionism in Action

Women ILGWU members of the Chinese contingent of the 1989 Labor Day Parade, circa 1989.

Photograph by George Colon.

Each of the IlGWU locals had its own contingent in the annual Labor Day Parades. Here, one of the many Chinese groups marches in their traditional finery.

Included in the group are (from left to right) Katie Quan, Wai Chun Ng, 3 children of members, Mei Yung Liew, Cindy Sai Leung, Yuk Ling Tang, Mary Chin, Yuk Lin Sun, Mei Yin Tsang, Lana Cheung and Anna Ng. Note the wide range of the marchers’ ages, the fact that they are carrying American flags and that they have carefully coordinated their matching apparel.